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MIRZA MORIC is a sculptor whose work shows the real sens of the artistic creativity : personal, modern, authentic, it presumes a great mastery of his art and reflects many facets of his native land, Bosnia-Herzegovina, marriage of the all successive civilizations. The space where he works, the forms, the volumes that he shapes, the materials that he sculpts (marble, granit, stone, bronze), his working instruments, they all are in accordance with the concept of Sculpture. He just loves noble materials only worthy to prove the instinctive shapes of his sculpture. He wants to express his sensitivity and mould the life the way he desires it.

Born in Bosnia in 1954, lives in Paris since 1977.

1981-1983 : specialization in engraving at the Cité des Arts, Paris, France.

1977-1981 : National Art School of Paris, France.

1977 : National Art School of Munich, Germany.

1976 : Graduate of the Art Academy, in painting, sculpture, and engraving, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.